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A yacht refit or repair project is no small undertaking and never a small undertaking.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade specific components, fix ongoing problems, or do a complete refit, we’re ready to help.

From basic maintenance to complete refit of a yacht we can handle the project



Areas of expertise include painting and varnishing, external canvassing, exterior carpentry, interior joinery, custom metal work, rigging, yacht extensions, complete interior decoration, full paint jobs, class certification visits, yacht ferrying by land or by sea.

We always satisfy ships’ owners and provide our customers with qualified services.
We are dedicated to refit, maintenance, and repair services of boats and yachts.
We offer design consultation to ensure that each vessel entering a refit project has been thoroughly prepared, with an approved plan that satisfies regulatory compliance, survey requirements and ongoing technical safety standards.
We closely follow each step of work for planning, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting purposes for a total transformation.

We provide you with advice on:

Project management – Project planning – New layout- General arrangement – Conversion and refit – Refit management – Design coordination – Exterior / Interior design conversions – Evaluation of yacht concept requirements – Systems design and equipment selection – Budget preparation and financial management

On-site representation and inspection – Progress monitoring and reporting – Selection and management of subcontractors – Procurement of owner’s supply items – Complete maintenance solutions – Frame agreements with suppliers – Review of technical, functional and quality specifications with the supplier

Research and qualification of proper suppliers based on:

  • Pre-qualification of potential suppliers based on quality, technology and business audit
  • Analysis of the functional and technical specifications submitted by the customer together with the potential suppliers

Efficient and effective maintenance is essential for keeping your vessel performing at its best.

We are able to support your maintenance needs with a planned maintenance system, and condition surveys and monitoring.

Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

The planned maintenance system allows you to develop a maintenance forecast, using information on equipment configuration, planned maintenance tasks, spare parts and documentation.

You can then order spare parts by synchronizing the on-board system.

By using a planned maintenance system as part of a normal maintenance routine, you can increase uptime and reduce total maintenance and repair costs.


We can assist you in every aspect about your yacht:

  • Maintenance and refitting project
  • Owner representative at yard
  • Project Management
  • Overseas shipping
  • New constructions
  • All Yacht related services